Twenty years young
Event Manager & Jim beam lover


Mum said that every year when it came to my birthday I always said I didn’t want to grow up, grow another year older and take on more responsibilities. Wishing for more days at the public pool, less homework, not having to work, no rent to pay and now more nights out… but life goes on! 

I realise I only wish to go back because life was good IN THAT MOMENT but who I am now wouldn’t want to be back there. If I didn’t have a job or was single, it still doesn’t mean we would party like we were in college again - because everything and everyone has to move forward, and so we have.

I think everyone says “those were the best days of my life” but really the day you’re in right now is the best day of your life, because every small decision you made was exactly what you wanted in that point of time and you have to accept that. It got you to where & who you are today. 

Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow - live for today.